Er is wel een 'Stevie Wonder' oplossing:

When the progress bar will go to 100% wait for cd to stop and start again (10sek) then when cpu activity go down press TAB key 3 times then press ENTER 2 times and wait for cd to start and stop (90 sek) then write your activation number without "-" then press ENTER ones and wait for 10 sek. After that press SPACE one time and ENTER 3 times but not to fast. Always check CPU and hdd activity to control your movements. If there is no activity - system is waiting for next move, if CPU is active after your move it is ok just wait to goes down and do another step. After all that steps you have Vista on your system. After system restarts and the activity of CPU and hdd goes down write your name "JOHN" and press ENTER 5 times. Now the system is ready to go. All is left is to install VMtools. To do that you need to press install VMtools and then press ENTER 2 times (once on visable window and once blind) then ARROW down once and ENTER 5 times but always when cpu goes down (every 2min) After restart you will have Vista with VMtools installed and ready for use.