Picco Vs Jens 0 - The Jump Anthem ★オススメ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEJDCxJqS2o

It was released in 2007.
Here's the track list:

Straight Flush - Lets All Chant
Canarias - Teil Me When
Liz Kay - Castles In The Sky
Roman Zerano And Marc Korn - Virgin Of Love
Naksi Vs Brunner - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Mabra - Cursed Destiny
Cascada - Cant Stop The Rain
Ultraflirt - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Ray Knox Feat. Stefania V - I Wanna Hold You
H2k - Summer Of California
Azure - Only When You Leave
Scooter - The Question Is What Is The Question
Micha Moor - Space
Bangbros - Bang Baby Bang
Raveboy - Get Up
2 Vibez - You Wanted Love
Active One - Massive Mood
Pimp Code - You Know
Picco Vs Jens 0 - The Jump Anthem
Master Blaster - Walking In Memphis
Ti-Mo-Put Your Hand Up
Masterbeat - Musix Inside U
Rushroom - Dont Give Up
Alex C. - Du Hast Den Sch÷nsten Arsch Der Welt
Dj Phil - Ich Vermisse Dich
Dan Winter - Pump The Nation
Dj The Bass - The Summer Is Coming 2007
Delano And Crockett - Missing
Groove Coverage - Because I Love You
Ultra DJs - The Music
Paffendorf - Its Not Over
Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz - Zombie
Bob Sinclair Presents Fireball - What I Want Baby
Fatso - Der Beat
Rihanna - Dont Stop The Music
Hi Tack - Let'S Dance
Elektra Forward - Forever With Us
Jinny - Wanna Be With You
Iridama - Color My World
Skydeelight - Always
Piesek Leszek - Hau Hau
Giakomo - Tu Mi Fai Impazzire
Dj Sanny J Feat. Tj Fastor - Perfect Storni
Dj Garcia Vs. Hands Up Squad & Clubraiders - Movin On
Orchestral Feat. Gith - Together Tonight
Dj Pgl - Lara
Lipstick Feat. Azzurra - Love Me
MLP Feat. Laia - Winter Night
Stefy NRG - It's a Fable
Nordkapp - Hey You (Oh Lo Le Le Loh)
Provenzano And Danijay - Ride The Way
Selena - Freed From Desire 2007
Kiana - King Of The Dancefloor
Sinus - Italo Disco
Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call
Alpa Gun Feat. Muhabbet - Verbotene Liebe
Down Low - Africa
Alicia Keys - No One
Lucas Prata - All The Girls
Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo - Hate That I Love You
Samantha Jade - Turn Around
Azad Feat. Adal - Prison Break Anthem
Fabolous Feat. Jermaine Dupri - Baby Don't Go
Culcha Candela - Hamma
Celina - Eine Welt Ohne Dich (Teil 2)
Sha - Respect The Girls
Dj Felli Fei - Get Bⁿck In Here
Jennifer Lopez Feat. Ludacris - Do It Well
llya - Used To Be
Maliq - CheekTo Cheek
Fergie Feat. Sean Kingston - Big Girls Dont Cry
Britney Spears - Gimme More
Francisco Feat. Timbaland - Way I Are
Nellv Furtado Feat. Javco - Sav It Riqht